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Connecting Government, Citizens and Infrastructure

Create cities that are Livable, Workable and Sustainable

Smart Cities are powered by smart Governments and provide superior customer service with a full understanding of citizen needs.

Smart Cities integrate all aspects of citizen services: government services, and other infrastructure like energy, water supply, transportation, etc.  Smart Cities make effective use of Information and Communication Technologies to make the cities livable, workable and sustainable using an integrated approach.

Imex Systems’ Products and Solutions build the smart government that forms the foundation of a Smart City.

Alongside select technology partners, Imex Systems integrates city infrastructure

Transportation, Power, Water Supply, and Buildings – to create a Smart City that improves the quality of life for citizens, and supports economic development while focusing on sustainability of the City.

Imex Systems offers self-funding and public-private partnership models to help Smart Cities with Smart Governments.

A Smart City
  • • Optimizes and automates business processes, monitors operations, and reduces service delivery costs by operating efficiently.

  • • Uses data from all departments and anticipates City and Citizen needs through predictive analysis.

  • • Engages citizens through web and social media.

  • • Proactively connects with citizens during emergency situations and important events through multiple communication channels, including text messaging.

  • • Enables citizens to make and receive payments electronically.

  • • Ensures intra-governmental connectivity to avoid departmental silos.

  • • Connects to external systems and organizations to maximize efficiency and information sharing.

  • • Adopts open standards for improved integration and interoperability.