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Imex offers full range of mobile government services that include:

  • • Mobile Strategy Development
      Identification of services for mobile   deployment
  • • Design and implementation of mobile
  • • Mobile Payments implementation
  • • Design and implementation of mobile   service delivery infrastructure
  • • Integration of mobile applications with   other government applications

Mobile Government

Let Citizens access the Government information and services Anytime, Anywhere and from Any Device

With increased adoption of cell phones, especially smart phones and availability of many private sector services via mobile devices, it has become imperative for governments to offer government services via mobile devices.

Imex offers mobile applications for Government staff to perform inspections, assessments, payment collections. etc.

miGov is a mobile government framework that includes the mobile app, mobile app delivery and management infrastructure, app integration components etc.
Imex provides a variety of mobile payment collection applications and devices as well as mobile device based kiosks.