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Services Overview

Services that help realize your vision and deliver innovation and efficiency
Governments need to continuously improve citizen services, provide more convenience and have to adapt to constantly evolving technologies.

At the same time, governments have the challenges of cutting taxes, eliminating budget deficits, or facing new economic and security threats. These challenges also increase the pressure on IT departments to do more, with less.

Our Services are focused on public sector needs and are delivered by consultants who have extensive experience working within the public sector, and are well aware of sector-specific processes and technologies.

Imex and Imex Consultants hold the required security clearances to ensure the data safety and confidentiality that public sector requires.
We provide both IT professional services and hosting services.

Imex is an approved service provider for several Canadian Provincial and US State Governments and other public sector agencies.

Professional Services

We develop custom solutions as well as implement Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products. Services are provided on all major software and hardware platforms from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP and others...

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Mobile Applications

Mobile solutions are essential in keeping your citizens connected. Citizens demand quick access to government services; no matter where they are or what devices they are using...

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Portals & Enterprise Content Management

Imex has been providing a full range of Portal and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for Municipal, Provincial/State Governments and other public...

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Citizen Relationship Management

Imex implements Citizen Relationship Management (CRM)-based solutions for the public sector using a variety of CRM platforms: Dynamics CRM, Siebel...

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Web Accessibility Implementation

Today, much of society's information and services are being delivered online and through mobile channels. Enabling websites for use by persons with special needs (visually impaired, people with dexterity...

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Hosting and Infrastructure Management

Imex Systems Inc. provides managed hosting services in our data center; providing enterprise class security and reliability. We ensure 99.99% availability with...

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