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bringing Government
in to the hands of Citizens

Any Time, Any Where Access to Government Services and Information


  • Information Access
  • E-Services
  • Service Requests
  • Mobile Payments

miGov is a versatile mobile App based on the miGov mobile framework that provides any time and any device convenience to citizens to access Government services and information.
It is a combination of a mobile app and iGov, creating a Mobile Government framework. miGov supports location based services with full GIS integration.

miGov is the mobile portal solution that is seamlessly integrated with iGov. It is a downloadable mobile app from app stores. miGov enables citizens to obtain information, access services and make mobile payments.

miGov obtains the relevant info from iGov-Portal, iGov-ESD and iGov-CRM. All transaction data is updated and stored within iGov. All payments are processed through iPay.

miGov supports both Smartphones and Tablets using Apple iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.