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Basic Features Include:
  • ⋅Information Access
  • ⋅Waste Management
  • ⋅Events
  • ⋅Maps
  • ⋅E-Services
  • ⋅Service Requests
  • ⋅Mobile Payments

mobile app for smart cities

Any Time, Any Where Access to City Government Services and Information

miCity brings the Local Government in to the hands of Citizens.

miCity is a versatile mobile App based on miGov mobile framework that provides any time and any device convenience to citizens to access Local Government services and information.

miCity supports location based services with full GIS integration. miCity can seamlessly integrate with City’s back end applications.

Waste & Recycling

Waste and Recycling App provides the information every resident requires to handle their household waste and to recycle their some of the household items


Mobile Service Requests

⋅ Enhance Customer Service
⋅ Get the Right Information for handling    service requests