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Any Time
Any Device
Any Channel

Multi-channel service delivery provides 24 X 7 self-service with convenient access from any device or location.

Citizens are coming to expect delivery of the same powerful and convenient services from their governments that they receive from banks and other corporations. Multi-channel Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) is an excellent way for governments to provide more comprehensive and timely services to citizens without increasing administrative costs. 

iGov-ESD is the first end-to-end, multi-channel Citizen Service Delivery Platform for  governments and other organizations.

iGov-ESD can be deployed independently, with our iGov-Portal or with any existing customer Portal.

iGov-ESD is a proven, robust system that has evolved over several years to incorporate everything required to deliver citizen self-service, supporting Web, Mobile, IVR, Over the Counter, Over the Phone, in person point of sale and self-service Kiosk channels.

iGov-ESD helps citizens access government services, submit service requests, make payments and track the status of their services/requests. All services and payments can be tracked from a single interface using a single user name/password, irrespective of which government department or agency handles them.

With iGov-ESD, governments can quickly deploy practically any type of service:

  • Licenses and Permits
  • Registrations
  • Service Requests
  • Fines and tickets payment
  • Billing and collection of taxes and other bills

iGov-ESD along with iGov-BPM provides the end-to-end service delivery capability.

iGov-ESD provides a powerful administrative interface for Government staff to access and manage services and payments.

iGov-ESD supports single sign-on to access all services. With one single user name/password, the citizens can access all services irrespective of which department is responsible for those services.

iGov-ESD provides a power administrative interface for the Government staff to access and manage services and payments.