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Unleash the Potential in Existing Infrastructure

iGov-ESB is an Enterprise Application Platform that helps Governments develop a truly open architecture, standards-based integration solution and implement SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

iGov-ESB is an ideal platform for building the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) required for fully transactional e-Government services.

In addition to integration functionality, iGov-ESB also provides strong and durable messaging, a rules engine, EDI connectivity, and Business Activity Monitoring.  iGov-ESB helps governments meet the challenges of integrating diverse systems. By bringing together these technologies in an agile and scalable way, iGov-ESB can help unleash the potential of the existing Government infrastructure. 

iGov-ESB lets organizations simplify and automate interoperability to reduce costs and errors, gain critical insights on business processes and performance, shield processes from change impacts, promote agility and manageability, eliminate redundancy and automate business interactions with partners.

iGov-ESB provides a robust messaging infrastructure and provides connectivity between core systems both inside and outside of government.