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Increasing Productivity from the Inside Out

iGov-BPM is a versatile and flexible business process management platform that seamlessly integrates with iGov-ESD to manage the business processes related various e-Services.

iGov-BPM increases productivity resulting in a better government.

iGov-BPM helps reshape and reorganize administrative processes and internal operations, automate routine business processes and provide critical business data in order to monitor performance, make viable decisions and enhance operational efficiency.

With highly adaptable interfaces, an agile development environment, user-friendly management tools to promote organization and department self-determination, and a comprehensive suite of supporting technologies.

iGov-BPM supports total business process lifecycle management, while providing a simple graphical programming interface to enable non-technical users to modify and manage the business processes as it evolves.

iGov-BPM also supports document and records management. The records management fully complies with and is certified for US Department of Defense standard 5015.2. Both paper and electronic records are supported.

iGov-BPM supports
Agile Development Methodology.

Agile Development Methodology requires three steps to achieving successful implementation that supports a Government’s global requirements.

First is that the workflow development environment allows for rapid prototyping of the discovered process with minimum resource effort. Once the workflow process is visualized and understood by the user, it can be readily modified in real-time. This facilitates additional discovery early in the process without the typical resistance to change. 

Second, is that once in production, the local owner of the workflow can adjust the process while in production without technical support (based on the Government’s policy for best practices governing system changes). 

Third, senior management will experience a quick return on investment through the rapid deployment of automated processes with minimal technical resources. Value will be recognized in a much shorter period of time than when following a hit or miss “waterfall” development approach.