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Citizen Service Delivery Framework

Building a Smart Government

iGov is a modular Smart Government framework with a suite of modules that help all levels of government to deliver services and information, automate internal operations, and improve staff productivity while reducing costs of governance.

iGov is the most flexible, highly integrated yet modular system on the market today. It is robust and secure, while providing real time visual information.
Multi-channel Electronic Service Delivery

iGov-ESD is a multi-channel electronic services delivery system that helps government to deliver services via online, mobile, IVR, over the counter, over the phone and kiosk.

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Citizen Relationship Management

iGov-CRM helps record and manage all citizen interactions, and helps provide a 360 degree view of citizen relationship with the Government to achieve a true citizen centric government.

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Enterprise Service

iGov-ESB provides powerful integration capability to integrate with most financial systems and other departmental applications and implement a true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). iGov does not require the Governments to change any of their existing applications.

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Business Process Automation

iGov-BPM helps reshape and reorganize administrative processes and internal operations. iGov helps automate routine business processes and provides critical business data to help monitor performance, take correct decisions and enhance operational efficiency. iGov-BPM connects employees and increases productivity - making for a better government.

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Multi-channel Payment Management

iPay is the first integrated payment management system to handle all citizen to government payments from all channels and all modes of payments: Credit cards, Debit cards, eChecks etc. Payment channels include: Online, Mobile, IVR, Over the Counter, Over the Phone and Kiosk.

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Multi-channel Communication

iGov-MCS helps Governments to communicate to citizens using a variety of channels: e-Mail, SMS, Voice mail and Fax. iGov-MCS can be used to send emergency notifications, general information, newsletters and bulletins for a specific targeted audience.

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Information Delivery Portal

iGov-Portal helps citizen centric information delivery. Citizens can obtain the required information on Government services, policies and procedures using both navigation and an efficient search mechanism.

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​iGov puts citizens first and helps realize a citizen friendly and transparent government.

iGov contains all the features and functions required and can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet the needs of large federal and state governments to small local governments. iGov comes in various configurations and features, and is even affordable to small-to-medium size government organizations and other public sector agencies.

Security is an important aspect of iGov. It is built to meet PCI data security standards as well as the privacy and confidentiality of citizens.

All these modules seamlessly integrate and inter-operate to provide un-paralleled efficiency.

iGov is available both as an on-premise system as well as a cloud application.

iGov can be used not just by Governments, but any organization that delivers services and receives payments from their customers.