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powerful and convenient online services

Citizens are increasingly expecting the same powerful and convenient online services from their governments that they receive from banks and other corporations.

Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) applications are an excellent way for governments to provide more comprehensive and timely services to citizens without increasing administrative costs.

Electronic service delivery applications bring more relevance to external facing government websites by populating them with self-service applications that citizens can access 24 X 7. These applications allow citizens to interact with the government from the comfort of their own home and on their own time. These applications also facilitate greater traffic and usage of municipal and government websites because they are not merely static information, but transactional and commonly accessed/used software.

The iCity solution for local governments provides an efficient, fast, and cost effective way to bring eServices to the community. Leveraging single sign on technologies, citizens securely log into the government portal and are able to perform a range of transactions. These applications accept online payments and can integrate with and update backend systems for accounting and auditing purposes within the government.

miCity is the mobile portal framework that delivers information, services and process payments

Some of the available e-Services applications include:

  • Online Payments
  • Service Requests
  • Parking Ticket Payment
  • Traffic Ticket Payment
  • Building Permits
  • Plan Reviews
  • Business Licenses
  • Program Registration
  • Facility Booking
  • Pet Licenses
  • Garbage Tags, Maps, Books sales
  • Tax Certificates
  • Property Tax Billing and Payments
  • Water/Sewage Billing and Payment
  • Electricity Billing and Payment
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Fax Broadcasts
  • Events Calendar
  • Event Registration
  • Donations
  • Volunteer Registration
  • … and many more