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smart Government framework

iCity-CSP is a complete local e-Government framework that enhances citizen satisfaction, enhances staff productivity and helps better comply with regulatory requirements. iCity-CSP is built on the iGov core framework.
End-to-end Citizen Service Platform

iCity-CSP is the first end-to-end Citizen Service Platform enabling municipal governments to provide up-to-date information and 24 x 7 services to their citizens while reshaping and reorganizing municipal administrative processes and internal operations. iCity-CSP connects employees and increases productivity - making for a better government.

iCity-CSP is built on the themes of information, self-service, communication, collaboration and automation. It puts citizens first and helps realize a citizen-centric government.

iCity-CSP helps manage the full relationship with citizens, while providing a 360 degree view of citizen relationship with the local government.

Automate Routine Business Processes

iCity-CSP helps automate routine business processes and provides critical business data to help monitor performance, take correct decisions and enhance operational efficiency.
iCity-CSP is the most flexible, highly integrated, but modular system on the market today. It is robust and secure, while providing real time visual information.

iCity-CSP can be rapidly configured and deployed in days and weeks, instead of months or years.

It comes in various configurations and features, and is even affordable to small-to-medium size municipalities. Small municipalities can realize the same benefits as larger cities without the need to undertake large multi-year projects.

iCity-CSP provides a large number of application modules divided in to four streams:

For Citizens

  • Portal
  • Online Services
  • Online Payments
  • Online Forms
  • Online Mapping
  • Online Directories
  • Online Collaboration

For Staff

  • Content Mangement
  • Agenda Management
  • Service Management
  • E-Forms
  • Employee Collaboration
  • Workflow
  • Municipal Performance Management
  • Records Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
  • Application Integration
  • Business Process Automation
  • Citizen Relationship Management
  • Integrated Revenue Management